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Redefining Life: How Loss Can Lead to Freedom

Updated: Mar 19

A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars —Carly Simon

Have you ever lost everything? Did you ever feel the void and panic that killed your very hope when it happened? What if I told you that losing everything could be exactly what you need to gain everything?

I have been there; it's the story of my life.


I passed my motorbike license in March 2023, after several failed attempts and four months of intensive therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). At that time, my life was in a mess. In one bang, I had lost everything: my partner, my home, my parents, my footing, my dreams. All of this while I was trying to get away from a traumatic past that had led me to this point in life. 


My dying client and best friend at that time was praying with me a lot to make the license happen.


After my MOD 1, she passed away. After she died, I passed MOD 2. But she was with me. I saw a rainbow, and I knew she was keeping an eye on me. 


And finally, I did it. 


While I lost everything, even my last friend, I had all I needed: a license and my motorbike. 


After eight months of caring for the dying, I packed my bags, grabbed a tent, and rode my bike from Brighton, England, to Scotland. I was alone, had no riding experience, and no one to wait for me at the other end. 


I just felt fear and an equal amount of determination.


At that time, I experienced such magical support from women from various social groups. Some of them did not even know me in person, but, girl, did they cheer me on. I met good people who gave me a roof over my head and breakfast while on the road. 


I was safe, but I was constantly crying about what I had just lost. 

I was constantly praying not to kill myself. 

I was shouting into the wind to keep me safe from road accidents. 

I was pitching my tent in the bushes, scared, but I kept pushing forward.

I rode for 4 to 5 hours daily, which was not so bad as roads in the UK are pretty easy to handle. 


Step by step, mile after mile, I reached and got to my heaven—Scotland.


Again, I did it. 

After two weeks of reckless running around searching for a place to live, I listened to my intuition and went to the Highlands.


Is it a happy end here? 

Yes, IT IS. I realized that I BELONG TO NATURE but no longer belong to society.   

I don't have much time to say more; I have decided not to mingle much with any groups. 


My motorbike is like my older brother, but motorcycling is not my religion. It's like a family, but it’s not my ideology. My ideology is freedom, and my motorbike is the tool. Does the motorbike connect me with different people?


Yes and no—people are people; they do not change. The main point is that my motorbike and I have already ridden 10K+ miles since March 2023. 


It is wintertime now here in Scotland, minus 5. I have a hot water bottle in the back of my jacket, and I keep riding—working and riding!


Every day, I am grateful to have a "big brother/ husband," my beautiful and loyal Honda Rebel, who has helped me rise from the depths of my horrific past. 


Thank you for your time


Note by BNS: If you want to discover more about Fredis's journey and how she overcame her deeply unsettling past, be sure to check out "The Heroic Story of A Girl on A Bike." Fredis entrusted me with publishing her story about a year ago, and I am thrilled to see how her life has significantly improved since.

Sharing a traumatic past takes enormous courage, and by doing so, Fredis hopes to inspire others to stand up and redefine the lives they truly need.

At BIKE N SOUL, we believe in the healing powers of

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Kerstin Krause
Kerstin Krause
márc. 15.

Kudos to your courage, Fredis! I know your story and feel the best part is yet to come.

Thank you for choosing our blog to host your journey. We are looking forward to reading more about in in the past!

Sending you a big hug, Kerstin

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