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Why Women Need To Ride

Mobility is key for living a self-determined life and gaining access to services. In Tanzania—a largely rural country—this is an ongoing challenge, mainly for women. Because it is a right assigned to men, whereas women traditionally continue to play a subordinate role in society.


As a result, the majority of Tanzanias women are often cut off from vital services, including income opportunities.

Making Tanzanian Women Mobile

Motorcycling in Tanzania is a profitable way to make money. Motorcycle cabs for instance are the backbone for many rural areas by transporting goods and passengers back and forth. But also jobs outside rural communities become accessible.

BIKE N SOUL targets women to help them gain multi-facetted mobility of their own. Through a unique scheme, Tanzanian women are making the most crucial step toward their future: by getting a driver's license. 

Who they are

Our beneficiaries are young Tanzanian women who have a keen interest in riding. They come from a small rural community at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mostly, they already have riding skills they picked up from male family or community members. But without licenses, these women would forever be stuck scrambling on the dusty backyard trails of their village. 

These are women who want to liberate themselves from their restrictions with the opportunities that motorcycling offers.


Meet two aspiring Tanzanian riders who were our first beneficiaries:



Germana lives at the foothills of Kilimanjaro with her small family.


She is ecstatic to finally hold a driving licence in her hand — a precious document most Tanzanian women can only dream of. 


Her vision? Become a motorcycle tourguide for her home country.



Like Germana Mariam grew up in Rudungai, a small sleepy village in eyesight of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


She is over the moon to have her own license now. And can’t wait to explore the money making options in the nearby town. 

Her plan? A motorbike workshop for Tanzanian women one day. 

sponsor a licence, change a life

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