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Image by Matt Cramblett

Jambo — Welcome to Motorcycling in Tanzania

The first two words you’ll pick-up in Tanzania are hakuna matata. No problem. It's Tanzania’s single most used terms that perfectly resonates its people’s ease. And in fact, nothing ever seems to be a problem. Tanzania is wild and fascinating.  It’s home to

  • the famous snow-capped Kilimanjaro that majestically guards the northern plains 

  • some of the world best national parks with the most remarkable wildlife 

  • pastoral Maasai who are still unswervingly true to their own nature

  • iconic stone-age old babobab trees that grow to live hundreds of years

  • and so much more 

It's the brilliant mix of natural highlights, abundant wildlife, ancient culture and heart-winning people that makes motorcycling in Tanzania an absolutely incredible experience. And that’s where we're going to take you on our upcoming ride. To get a feel of Tanzania’s remarkable people and prey at an arms length.

A wilderness that swells your heart

Image by David Clode



Join BIKE 'N SOUL on this awe-inspiring 14-day motorcycle tour for women for all levels through the heartland of Northern Tanzania. We believe there is no better way to experience the culture and beauty of Tanzania than from the back of a bike.  It allows you to get up close and personal with the country’s noble people and its untamed nature.


Cruise around Mt. Kilimanjaro across the northern plains into Pare Mountains, dine at Lake Jipe, witness amazing wildlife at an arm’s length in Tanzanias most famous national parks, Ngorongoro and Serengeti.


Discover close-knit insights into Maasai traditions off the beaten track. We ride you as close as we can in our effort to provide you with a unique glimpse that turns a diverse motorcycle tour into a lasting experience.

Its a ride between bliss and adrenaline because youre really close. 



day 00

Arrival in Arusha / hotel transfer

day 03

Snowcap Cottage to Pare Mountains via Lake Jipe

day 06

Rest day at Moshi with short ride to Hot Springs

day 09

Ngorogoro Safari with Elly Wild Adventure (off bike)

day 12

Karatu to Maasai village

day 01

Arusha to Simba Lodge at the foothill of Kilimanjaro

day 04

Pare Hills exploration and local community encounters

day 07

Moshi to the outskirts of Arusha via the National Park

day 10

Serengeti Safari with Elly Wild Adventures (off bike)

day 13

Maasai Village to Arusha

day 02

Simba Lodge to Snowcap Cottage around Kilimanjaro

day 05

Pare Mountains to Moshi via Materuni Waterfalls

day 08

Arusha to Karatu across the Maasai Plateau

day 11

Serengeti back to Karatu (off bike)

day 14

goodbye and departure

20210805_172124 copy.jpg


Our dedicated team is ready to take you on this tour. We speak English, German, Nepali and Swahili and are ecstatic to share our mutual passion for women's motorcycling and Tanzania with you.



Experience the beauty of Tanzania in an unmatched way with Amani who embodies the spirit of adventure. With his welcoming attitude, the journey is soul-stirring, allowing riders to explore some of the most breathtaking places on two wheels



Bike ’N Soul, NZ

Kerstin founded BIKE 'N SOUL with the mission of providing women with a home to hone their riding skills and build confidence. She helps women to grow their passion and expand the boundaries of their two-wheeled travels



Elly Wild Adventures, TZ

Germana is an experienced safari guide who will take you close to some of the most majestic animals on our planet. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for wildlife will turn your safari into an unforgettable experience

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