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About Us


bike 'n soul is for women riders. More and more of us, women, dream of finding our own space and truth while riding. We desire to be genuinely independent, find our rhythm, discover the world in whatever way we choose and be surrounded by like-minded women.  

Maybe you are questioning whether adventure rides are suitable for you. Perhaps you’re already a pro with heaps of experience, so you are worried that you might not get enough. Or the reverse: you haven't had your license that long and you suspect that you won't be able to keep up with more seasoned female bikers.


bike ‘n soul’s vision is a thriving community of women riders of all levels of capabilities to embark on an incredible journey into ultimate freedom at your own pace. We're here to inspire one another in our unique thrives, motivate each other to put yet another mile on the bike or to find courage to jointly tackle the challenges as we ride along.


Women have the power to change their world—
when they support each other


What we stand for



inspiring each other


IMG-20221020-WA0048 copy.jpg

growing together



paying it forward


Who we team up with

Wherever we go, we team up with other, mostly local partner companies. But not just anyone. We are careful in choosing those who share our values and interests in empowering women and wanting to see them strive. Not only on motorcycles. 

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