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Welcome to Motorcycling in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India is a secluded, challenging, yet extraordinary destination to experience on a motorbike. If you love adventure riding, the thrill of gliding along the edge, and a quench of dusty solitude, Spiti is the perfect spot for you. 


You’ll experience an exhilarating journey from the verdant landscape of Himachal Pradesh to the stunning beauty of Spiti, which opens the door to an entirely different world.


Spiti is a rider’s Shangri-la.

Spiti literally means the middle country that lies between India and Tibet. It was and still is  the ancient gateway to Tibet—a rugged, untamed, cold desert area surrounded by a timeless windswept landscape with bizarre rock formations. It is dotted with little white-washed houses huddled amid green barley fields below monasteries perched on crags of thousands of feet above where people have lived for centuries, enduring the valley’s harsh environment.


It is a maze of narrow, vertical gorges and broad valleys where one’s mind can easily wander astray. A barren spaciousness that will tickle every rider’s soul.


Spiti Valley offers a brilliant mix of natural highlights, high-altitude dizzying roads, ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and heart-winning people that makes motorcycling in Spiti Valley an absolutely incredible experience. And that’s where we're going to take you on our upcoming ride. To get a feel of its remarkable people and bewildering landscape.

Spiti makes you want to stay.




Join us on this awe-inspiring 14-day motorcycle adventure for advanced levels into the heartland of Spiti Valley.

Traversing through Himachal Pradesh entails endless corners across countless mountain ranges. The journey spans approx. 1,250 km, allowing us to experience everything that Himachal Pradesh offers, including the sensational variety of landscapes ranging from the lush green lower slopes to the lunar-like terrains in Spiti Valley.


We explore ancient rock-perched Buddhist monasteries, dazzling passes, high-altitude villages, and starkly spectacular landscapes of this stunningly beautiful region. And we discover close-knit insights into Spitian traditions off the beaten track.


Although most of the roads are paved and technically not challenging, riding on narrow roads with steep drops can be nerve-racking until you become accustomed to the proximity of the abyss. The roads are largely empty which makes swinging along an unforgettable experience through this vast wilderness. 

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day 01 — arrival

meet up in Manali 

day 04 — 105

Sarahan to Chitkul

day 07 — 45 km

Tabo to Dhankar  

day 10 — 80 km 

Kaza to Demul

day 13 — 114 km

Sissu to Darcha

day 02 — 100 km

Manali to Jibhi

day 05 — 115 km

Chitkul to Pooh

day 08 — 81 km

Dhankar to Kaza (via Pin Valley)

day 11 — 90 km

Demul to Losar

day 14 — 101 km

Darcha to Manali 

day 03 — 130 km

Jibhi to Sarahan

day 06 — 116 km

Pooh to Tabo (via Giu)

day 09 — 80 km

around Kaza

day 12 — 99 km

Losar to Sissu

day 15

goodbye and departure

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Bryan and Kerstin have become dedicated adventure riders after meeting in New Zealand a few years ago. Today, they feel most at home on their bikes in the remoter parts of the Himalayas. 

And now, they are thrilled to share their passion with others. 

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Bryan has been riding bikes for as long as he can remember. However, it was only a few years ago that he found his passion for adventure riding in Nepal. Since then, he has embarked on many trips, both alone and with Kerstin.

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Kerstin founded BIKE 'N SOUL with the aim of offering women a home to hone their riding skills and build confidence. She helps them to both grow their passion and expand the boundaries of their two-wheeled travels.

Thinking of taking a ride through Spiti Valley with us? Get in touch today to find out more.