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Arriving in Nepal: 3 things to remember

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Arriving in Kathmandu airport is easy nowadays

Arriving in Nepal via air is easy and nothing to worry about if you keep the following in mind:

1 Providing evidence of vaccination status or negative PRC

For those fully vaccinated, you must present proof of your vaccination status. For those who travel unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated/exempted, you need to give a negative PCR test no older than 72 h. Carry a printout or show it electronically; both work. If you have forgotten to download the PCR report, Kathmandu Airport will provide you with a WIFI code to access your data right at the counter.

2 Arriving without visa

If you run out of time to obtain a visa before traveling to Nepal, please don’t fret about it. You can quickly get it upon arrival.

Kathmandu Airport has introduced electronic visa issuing upon arrival. It is an easy process. All you need to do is enter your details, length of stay, and address (name of the first hotel) at an online terminal into an interface in the arrival hall. There is airport staff around to assist you.

Once you complete the online registration for your visa, you take a photograph of the completed form (printing may not be available). With the shot of the screen, you walk over to the visa registration counter (located in the same hall) where they will issue your visa. Please note that you don’t need passport pictures for a visa!

You can make payments in either US$ or EUR in cash or by credit card. It is an easy process and only takes minutes. But please consider waiting time for the queue depending on how many people arrive without visas.

3 Presenting an international online arrival form

The CCMC is an online arrival form of the Nepal Government for international guests. Please fill in the document before you travel. It contains your vaccination status and/or PCR test result. You can carry a printed paper copy with you or present the electronic version if asked—which is not always the case. If you forget the CCMC, ask the airport staff for the WIFI. It is an instant registration that requires no approval.

That’s it! Happy arrival in Nepal.

Note: information as of 6 September 2022


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