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When The Clock Strikes Midlife It’s Time to Ride

Updated: Mar 7

There are times that must happen to you . And midlife is undoubtedly one of them.

I had just returned from a job in Afghanistan when mildlife bolted through my door with a burn-out, knocking me around like a helpless leaf in the wind. And leaving me absolutely clueless about what to do with the rest of my goddamn life. 

Not everyone needs a new beginning. 

I did.

I was 52.

Midlife riding ended life as I knew it

I had no plan. So, I signed up for a sabbatical and started motorcycling. It was spring 2018 when I had my first riding lesson. I practiced endless stop-and-go maneuvers in a dull parking lot for days. But in my mind, I was already racing down Route 66. 

I sensed I was on to something. But I had no idea that motorcycling would forever change my (mid)life perspectives. 

The rewards came instantaneously. 

I fell in love with the courage I never knew I had

When we get older, we tend to pack our lives with paralyzing what-ifs and I-am-too-old mantras. Of course, I was terrified to come off, get injured, or even worse. 

But more importantly, I fell in love.

Because motorcycling rewarded me with a new kind of courage. I started doing things I never imagined possible. Before I knew it, I was off, adventure riding in the Himalayas and other places, continuously quizzing my limits. And suddenly, I found myself writing and publishing because motorcycling gave me the headspace to pursue a dream I had since I was a young adult. 

And while I was riding and writing, things got serious. 

I stumbled across my calling

After a long, excruciating decision-making process, I finally quit my job and founded BIKE ‘N SOUL — a place for women and motorcycling. In fact, a place for midlife riding. 

It was like a calling. 

But I had no experience. I started off by wearing T-shirts with my logo as if I had to convince myself of what I was about to do. I forced myself into social media to hopefully find a place and tribe. I started creating women’s motorcycle trips in South Asia and Tanzania to follow.

And supported young women in Tanzania to learn how to ride. 

Gradually, people began to notice the woman who had left her old life for her newfound, crazy pursuit.

But behind all this was another driving force. 

Motorcycling is a means, but empowerment glues it together

Since returning from my first Tanzania ride in 2021, I knew what I was meant to do with BIKE ’N SOUL. 

None of this is about bucket list trips.

It’s about empowerment. 

It’s about rides that give women the courage to stretch their comfort zones beyond what they think is possible. To replace crippling fears with growing confidence. And break boundaries and stereotypes and redefine lives through the help of motorcycling. 

Because that is where ultimate freedom begins, the one I wish every woman to experience. 

And aside from all this great stuff, midlife riding has a few more surprising gems. 

It’s the best rejuvenation scheme I could think of

I have never felt more alive since I started riding. The engine's vibration shakes me awake, the endless roads nurture my yearning soul, and the time I get to share with no one but myself on the bike grows my confidence beyond belief. 

It’s refreshing beyond words.

And I can finally breathe with the office attire sold, high heels gifted to those still willing to wear them, and a thrilling new vision I’ve started to build from scratch. 

It makes me happy when nothing else does

I can no longer deny that I am right in the middle of this crazy, highly confusing skinning process called menopause that often throws me all over the place. 

Yet, when it comes to motorcycling, I am all in. 

Hot flashes, mood swings, or the exfoliation of everything I once knew are vague memories. It’s only me, the bike, and the road in front of me. Underneath the helmet, I am cool-headed, focused, and eternally happy.

It feels like I am riding towards my true self. 

The one that wants to be untethered and roam the world forever. 


BIKE ’N SOUL is a song I have composed on the strings of a crazy dream I had four years ago. A song I dedicate to the women of this world who—just like me—want more out of life. 

None of this was easy. In fact, it was terrifying at times. But while reflecting back, it was the best that could have ever happened to me. Because it made me stop wasting time complaining about life's inevitable changes. 

Instead, it has led me to embrace the opportunity to fall in love with what my past has prepared me to create in my beautiful midlife reality.  


Thank you for your precious time reading my work. Midlife needs to be experienced, not just talked about. As much as it sucks, it can give life an entirely new perspective once we open our hearts and follow our true calling.

Happy midlife riding 🍀


PS: If you, too, believe in women’s empowerment through motorcycling and want to give us a hand in Tanzania, we need your help here.

A banner showing women on motorbikes in Africa
BIKE ’N SOUL is dedicated to women’s empowerment through motorcycling

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