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where motorcycling 
and women meet

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Every motorcycle trip is unique.
Each one rides you closer to your heart.

Dreaming of an exhilarating getaway? To free your mind and go full throttle to discover the world with the wind straight in your face?


No doubt. Motorcycling requires courage regardless how experienced you are. But it offers so much in return. It’s a gateway to monumental freedom and self-determination. Coz beyond fears and limitations lies a dwell of confidence—and ultimately power. From there you can tap into the infinite awes life on two wheels has to offer. 

BIKE ’N SOUL gives you a home where you can feel strong and safe while your comfort grows—no matter where you are on your unique riding path.   We welcome you to join  one of our motorcycling tours for women.

Upcomings / Autumn 2023


Summit Stretches on Wheels 


Across The Heartland of Tanzania