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KIA ORA — Welcome to Motorcycling in New Zealand

Had Frodo been a motorcyclist, New Zealand would have been his playground.


It’s a place that its creators have designed so shamelessly, embedded in an insanely stunnning nature.  Blessed with deserted twisting roads embedded in a fairytale-like landscape … surely, they must have thought of us, motorcyclists, when they went to work!

When you start motorcycling in New Zealand, it doesn't take long to realize the healing powers of this beautiful, highly therapeutic combination. Full throttle, wind straight up the face, right in the heart of a land that strikingly resembles Middle Earth.

There’s a lot of open space, pure outdoors with predominantly deserted roads in a highly secure and spotless environment. No (serious) wildlife to come after you, no perpetrators. Instead, you find birds that can’t fly, penguins that cross roads, and yummy pies at nearly every street corner — that’s if you love a meaty fill.

All of this makes New Zealand undoubtedly one of the most attractive motorcycle destinations imaginable around the globe. And because it’s so tiny, you can cover all of it in one day:

  • lush rolling hills

  • dry alpine highlands

  • virgin rainforests

  • barren tussock countryside

  • surreal turquoise lakes (that actually look fake) and

  • ragged coastal vista.


Perfect for those who want to ride off uninhibited or are simply looking for a rewarding entry to motorcycle touring. Into the distant lush green infinity of New Zealand.​

We are currently working on the details for 2024. Check back or contact us

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