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Yoga for Motorcyclists — how it can impact your riding

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Woman on dirt road leaning on her motorbike
Committing to yoga on a motorcycle tour can be a game-changer.

Motorcycling is a matter of passion, adrenaline, but also strength. And that's where yoga comes in handy.

Because sitting on a bike for endless hours in the same position while concentrating and processing tons of impressions is tiring and leaves marks. Shoulders pinch, necks crack, knees start acting up, fingers get numb, and attention levels decline. You just feel wiped out at the end of a day riding. Or even earlier.

Sounds familiar?

A commitment with instantaneous results

I signed up for an unusual challenge on my recent off-road motorcycle trip in New Zealand. That is, to start each day with a yoga session. On a rugged foam mat, wind, dust, and rain could no longer harm.

I was up early every morning, bending and stretching even before my first coffee, often in dew-damp grass, under a blossoming native tree, or in the recreation room of the campsite where I spent the night.

Benefits you won’t want to be without

After this trip, I am enticed by the many blessings yoga has delivered. Not only is it a soulful way to greet the day, but it also brings immediate relief:

  • Unlike on past tours, I got through this without any knee discomfort, swelling, or pain.

  • A numb ache in one of my joints, which I began the tour with, miraculously disappeared after a few days into the yoga practice.

  • My bike posture improved, positively impacting my shoulder and neck muscles which noticeably led to more stability.

  • My concentration remained at an all-time high, the most critical aspect of safe riding apart from technical skills.

  • I noticed a growing sense of peace and agility (both physical and mental), particularly during more demanding road sections and river crossings.

While the benefits of yoga may differ for everyone, it will undoubtedly improve your core strength and flexibility, along with increased stability and a calmer mind.

Don't discount the feel-good aspect

As with motorcycling, yoga is all about the proper outfit.

While touring, you want to feel comfortable and adequately dressed for the occasion. With the products of Inner Waves, I have hit my blend of great colors, flattering shapes, and excellent organic cotton quality.

It's a feel-good aspect not to be discounted, and it absolutely helped me show up and be present every morning. Plus, it's great-looking attire for all kinds of occasions while traveling.

Each ride and bend is a new dawn

And because I'm so excited about what I've experienced lately, I've introduced yoga as an integral part of one of our upcoming women's motorcycle trips:

Woman on dirt road looking after a motorcyclist riding heading downhill
Riding in Nepal is challenging, but yoga can help overcome initial anxieties.

It's a challenging ride to some of Nepal's finest hilltop stations—the perfect setting for daily yoga sessions.

Need to know more? Get in touch.


PS: We'd love to know how yoga has impacted your riding if you've been practicing. Feel free to share your experience.

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