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On The Shores Of What Once Seemed Impossible

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

It all began with a crazy dream when, four years ago today, I stood on the rooftop of my hotel in Ladakh (India), still feeling the adrenaline from my recent adventure trip coursing through my veins.

As the golden sun began to slip behind the magic mountain scenery, I hit “send” on a brief email to my employer, officially ending a 20-year-long career and bidding farewell to my former life.

I wanted something else.

A woman on a bike looking down a dry valley with snow-covered peaks in the background
The light that shines inside illuminates the path toward what was once seemed impossible.

A dream began to take shape

Four years ago today, I had a crazy dream. What if I created my life around motorcycling? What if I could inspire women to go on tour with me? What if I could empower women to choose my kind of freedom, too?

From the stroke of inspiration, BIKE ‘N SOUL was born while I allowed my imagination to run wild.

I went to work with the help of a vision board and stuffed it with everything that excited me about motorcycling. At that time, I had time, enough money in the bank, and no reason to doubt the feasibility of my ambitious goal. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this project grow in front of my mind’s eye. And so began a journey from which I would not return.

What once seemed impossible is not

But the truth is, navigating this path has been beyond challenging. After spending two decades in a corporate environment surrounded by beautiful teams, I suddenly found myself alone in an unfamiliar terrain with a motorbike license in my hand that was barely a year old.

I needed experience, tools, marketing skills, a website, and discover how to deal with fears and resistance, which have been causing major mental blocks ever since I began this crazy journey.

And when hopelessness creeps in at times, I literally have to go and search for the energy to keep moving forward. In those moments, it feels like I’m climbing into an icy void, imagining insurmountable obstacles amid dwindling financial resources.

Fast forward four years later

Today, four years later, I find myself standing in Hamburg on the banks of the river Elbe, where I grew up. It was a dirty mess back then, and swimming was strictly prohibited. People had lost hope in its recovery. Miraculously, it has made a remarkable comeback and is now clean enough for people to retake a joyful dive.

Because some persistent souls just didn’t give up on it.

And it is right here where I remember a famous German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm called “Sterntaler.” It is about a little girl who lost everything but kept braving life as it unfolded. Despite her own hardships, she gave the last shirt off her back to a soul who had even less. In return for her selfless life devoted to servicing others, a shower of dimes eventually came down from heaven as the Universe’s golden reward. Standing here on the former shores of hopelessness, I, too, vow to proceed on my path with open arms, a joyful heart, and faith that I am headed in the right direction. To release the inner turmoil. To keep creating without being nailed to a specific outcome.

To surrender to the flow of life. To practice serenity until I regain my sense of vastness and love and my heart is fully healed.

My vision became my song

And while heading to Nepal in a few days to run my first women-only guided motorbike tour, I feel so humbled that I got this far. It takes me home, back to the country I deeply love, along with some bold riders who—just like me—want more out of life.

BIKE ’N SOUL is a song I have composed on the strings of a crazy dream I had four years ago. It’s my song, and I dedicate it to women, encouraging them to rise and achieve what once seemed impossible!


Thank you for your precious time and for being part of my journey. It’s been a soulful ride that continues to take me to the edge. But it’s right there beyond the abyss where I sense endless potential. May we all tap into the vastness of our own creation.

On a personal note: As someone who firmly believes in empowering women through motorcycling, I dedicate a significant portion of my time to helping women in Tanzania achieve greater freedom and independence. If you’re interested in learning more about our efforts and how you can contribute, please consider exploring this option 🙏

A collage with images of African women motorbike riders

Much love, always —Kerstin ❤️

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