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On Flaws, Firsts, Fears, and Freedom

Updated: May 8

road track leading towards snow covered mountain range
Motorcycling in Nepal is compelling, but one of the greatest experiences you can think of

While you're a passionate motorcycle rider at home and confident with what you're doing, you may wonder what the heck is in for you once you go motorcycling up and down this fascinating country. Like any other country, Nepal will receive you with its own set of unique challenges. For some, you can prepare: for others, you can't.

But if you keep the following factors in mind and approach your journey from your heart, you'll be surprised how far it can make you ride.

Discount the flaws

Nepal is a country of many extremes that you may find daring at first: mad traffic, appalling road conditions; a myriad of vehicles oozing black smoke straight into your face; uncontrolled urban growth that insults your sense of aesthetics; tons of dust you're likely to swallow on the many roads; staggering poverty that won't escape your eyes to name just a few.

But prime yourself for embracing the charms of a country that warmly welcomes its visitors. Gaze beyond the country's many flaws that you can find everywhere. Let Nepal’s incredible beauty and fantastic hospitality shape your view and riding experience instead. Look out for the many precious jewels and not the piling rubbish.

Embrace your firsts

You'll likely encounter a row of many “firsts” on your trip through Nepal. It could be crossing a national park with serious wildlife, riding into high altitudes and snow or at night, facing hair-raising off-road sections, or the fact that days won’t end—situations requiring your courage and constant resilience.

Once you're past and done with any of your firsts, pause and honor yourself for your daring efforts. Self-appreciation is often the essential go-to attitude. Remind yourself repeatedly that you're uncovering new grounds with every ride you take, which few women have experienced yet. And that deserves nothing less than the highest respect for yourself.

Tackle your fears

Your skills are advancing while you overcome new trials on your trip in Nepal. You feel on top of it and firm. But suddenly, the next day, nothing's left. Fears are creeping up. You begin to doubt your motorcycling skills and wonder what the hell has brought you over here. These are moments when you think you can ride no further — but it’s often no more than a clunky chatter of the destructive mind.

Stop the self-chat and pay attention to what's boiling up when it happens. Look at it respectfully, and what of it holds really true. Regain your confidence by taking a break or some more accessible roads. Follow the ease of locals and accept their offer to help you through some tricky bits if need be. Traversing active wildlife parks, e.g., is definitely way more relaxing in company than alone.

Live your Freedom

Nepal’s massive gender and social disparities still assign women a subordinate role in public and private life. Sandwiched between ancient beliefs and suffocating traditions, women have very little individual freedom to start outgrowing the many social shackles. A reality that’s likely far from yours.

Just keep this in mind wherever you ride your motorcycle. The fact that women ride (and may dare to do so without men) is revolutionary in the eyes of many Nepalese. It’s simply unimaginable. But know that they secretly look up to you for the incredible bravery and freedom you exhibit. You’re proof to them that women can do anything. If not for themselves, maybe for their daughters. Live up to their dreams, too!

Thank you for your time!

PS: If you’re heading out to Nepal and need advice, please feel free to reach out. We would be happy to share our knowledge and passion.

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